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It's Bread

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Jim Lahey is a quirky guy in New York who knows a thing or two about bread. Mommy and I signed up for his bread-making session during the NYC Wine and Food Festival. Not knowing what to expect, we walked into Sullivan Street Bakery with a sense of adventure.

He walked in, talking a mile a minute about bread and his special ovens that spanned the entire bakery. We got our hands dirty with the dough he prepared for us. We got a quick lesson on how to handle the doughs, how to score the tops and why bread is so incredible. We each made a loaf of white bread and a concord grape and anise seed flatbread.

We bought a copy of his pizza book and his bread book - autographed one for me and one for Tina.

Now, we've got a little piece of Jim in our kitchens.

With Mommy

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