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So we walked to dinner..

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Talal and I decided to go to Aka Sushi.. without reservations. The wait was out the door and over an hour. Considering how starving we were, we whipped out our phones to find a new place.

We found 1919 Wine & Mixology, which Ghandi had recommended to us. Next door is a restaurant called Corner Table. It's a restaurant that has a large Paleo selection and I know Tina said it was awesome. So we walked half a mile.. although it seemed like a mile in my wedges. We made it to the restaurant, which was also packed, but we found room at the bar. Beside us was a couple. The man was talking about how he works out to impress his date. It was in poor taste.

Talal and I split a Korean Short Rib Pizza, made with braised short ribs, pickled red onion, cilantro, kimchee slaw (pickled cabbage) and sriracha mayo, and a Paleo Pappardelle, made with paleo noodles tossed in red wine braised beef and wild mushroom ragout.

Both were delicious, but the Pappardelle was to die for. It was rich and chewy and tomatoe-y. We also tried some nice cocktails. So we didn't go to 1919 Mixology, but one day.. we will.

At Corner Table

With Talal

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