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Black Currant Vinegar

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

"where the bustling city takes a moment to indulge in handcrafted, comfy gourmet fare..."

After a long weekend with strep, Tina kidnapped me and took me to the Rodeo. We spent a couple hours there and then I was delivered to Talal. We wanted to try somewhere new that was also kinda casual.

Toot decided on Urban Eats. When we first walked in we found this adorable little market, perfect for some unique ingredients and a Wine & Cheese night.

A guy was sitting wrapping silverware and noticed it was our first time. He explained to us that the restuarant was upstairs, but they have seating, pre-made food, and many yummy stuff downstairs. We decided to eat and then explore. I ordered the 3 Pigs Truffled Mac & Cheese with a side of the fennel tomato soup. Talal, although not crazy about French Fries, chose the Duck Lyon fries next to the Cowboy Sliders. The resturant was freezing, so once we ate, we retreated back to the market where I sampled the vinegars: Walnut Balsamic, Fig Balsamic, Cabernet Sauvingon, and Black Currant Vinegar. I settled on the Black Currant vinegar. My plan is to make Duck and a balsamic reduction, since sweet and duck are typically a nice match.

We finished the night with Talal kickin' my butt at Battleship.. Until we meet again..

At Urban Eats

With Talal

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