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Not Bad for a Friday

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Erica and I packed our weekend gear for the whole weekend and made our way to school. She walked and I took the bus. I wore my coat and boots, because I had no way to fit them in my tiny Jansport bag.

In pastry class, we made the Country bread and the small bread. These were my favorites. I don't typically have a large sweet tooth. These breads were right up my alley. Chef Cyril taught us many shapes that I definitely had never fathomed were possible. The country breads were larger loaves, but traditional shapes that all had very complicated French names.

It was pure luck that we finished in time, because we made a lot of bread...again.

In Cuisine class, Chef Samuel taught us a Swedish recipe of bread that can be cooked on the stove top.

The radishes were dipped in a beet butter. We used a mandolin to slice the beets and dehydrate them at 60 degrees Celsius. Once dry, grind and mix powder with butter. You can use any vegetable to do this.. and i definitely will.

He taught us that all items should be seasoned and that the entire toast should be covered. The bizzarrest thing was the square egg. We soft-boiled an egg (cracked a tiny hole into the egg and boiled for 3 minutes) and pressed it into a square whlie still warm. As it cooled, it remained square.

He had us practice plating, once again. His plating style is very whimsical. Even though I would never have thought to dip radishes in butter, It was a yummy dish with the right amount of sweet, salt, and spice.


Anxious for the weekend

Like I baked too much

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