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Discovering South End

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Today was our last day in Boston and a very busy one, too. Tina and I heard from our Uber driver last night about the South End. After talking to our concierge, it seems like a local's area and relatively undiscovered by tourists. Just like that, we set out with our paper maps to be trailblazers.

It was the coldest day by far and I attribute it to the wind. Tina and I found tons of cute shops- selling clothes, teas, jewelry, and more. I loved all the cute places we passed on our way. The restaurants were called Acquitane, Metropolis, The Butcher Shop, and the Kitchen. I made a list for future reference. After freezing our butts off, we ran into South End Buttery (recomended by our concierge). I ordered the Maple-Bacon Scone and a hot grean tea. Tina ordered a black coffee. We sat up at the bar and dicussed everything under the moon until I finished my scone. As we wrapped up, Mommy texted us to meet her for coffee at the hotel Starbucks. We made the 20 minute walk back in time to meet her. Tina and I loved it so much! South End so much that we decided to walk back with Mommy for the evening and for dinner.

We walked around the shops for 2.5 hours before we were starving for dinner. After peaking into each restaurant, we decided on Metropolis. It was just after 6pm and the first available table was at 9pm. I convinced Mommy and Tina to sit at Cafe Nero across the street until it was time to eat. It was still as freezing as before, so we found refuge in the coffee shop. Mommy and I had the hot cider - definitely a repite. We became hangry and then sleepy and then lost our appetites in the time we waited for the table. Finally 8:50 rolled around and I suggested that we go to the restaurant in case they can seat us early. Instead, the seated us late.. The tables had been taking their time, including our predecessors. Instead of paying the bill, they were looking at desserts. We took an impatient seat at the bar. After 30 minutes, the manager came to give us free drinks. It's a good thing, because we had just about had it waiting to eat dinner. at 9:45, we ordered to eat at the bar, with intentions to switch to the table. Our waiter Willian (a Brazilian social worker by trade) kept us company. By 9:50, the manage returned saying that the entire meal was on the house. Lucky for me, I ordered the lamb shank and a second glass of wine. The shank was served atop a mix of moghrabieyh, carrots, tomatoes, and chick peas . It was hot and hearty. It was also, the best of the restaurants we had tried in Boston. William entertained us, and by this point, the wine started to work it's magic. We made friends!

We made friends with the manager who wanted to take care of us at his resturant (owned by the same people), but our flight was a mere 6 hours away. We tipped the guys and carried on our way. It was a hell of a story.

At the South End

In Boston

With Mommy & Tina

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