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I'll Take It Hot

After a long, longgg couple weeks - think changing my golf tournament at the last minute, hosting an info session, pandemic, all that stuff - I wanted to go grab a bite to eat instead of making dinner.

I found a new restaurant on Instagram a few week ago and it felt like as good a time as any to try. At 6PM, I called to see if there was room outside and they said they were open. We got dressed and got in the car 10 minutes later. It occurred to me that we'd make it to the restaurant 15 minutes early so I asked Talal to drive us around until 6:30. I found a cute outdoor spot called Mico's Hot Chicken so I need to check that spot out sometime soon.

The restaurant is located in a new shopping center in the heights and it was our first time there. We strolled in (masks on, of course) and it smelled amazing. Our kind server gave us some great menu recommendations for food and cocktails. Talal ordered A Night in Bangkok cocktail and I ordered the Tom Yum cocktail with a little extra kick. Because I know you were wondering, mine was better!

We ordered the dumplings - soft, sweet and sticky with peanuts and veggies - and the green papaya salad - cold and slightly sweet. For the entree, I got the drunken noodles with shrimp - extra spicy. The server must have double-, triple- or quadruple checked that I wanted it spicy but I was adamant that I could handle spicy food.

The plate came and I was soo excited! It was delicious after you got past the bajillion Thai chili peppers. I took a few bites and was pleased with the taste and spice level. By the third or fourth bite, my eyes were watering and my tongue was burning. Luckily, I kept the salad to eat alongside my meal. The server came by and checked on us and I couldn't admit that the food was too spicy. Talal laughed at me because he thought it was so obvious that I was struggling. Regardless, I stuck with it. A bite of noodles, a sip of water, a bite of salad. And repeat. Again, it was delicious after you got past the bajillion Thai chili peppers.

As the server picked up her plates, I uttered the magical words, "Can we get the mango sticky rice?" It was delicious and cooled our palates - our burning palates. Did I mention that Talal got his food medium spicy and also was dying from the heat? Moral of the story, chill with the spice.

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