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Growing up in a Lebanese family, we spent every weekend cooking and every meal planning our next meal. Naturally, I developed my own passion for eating and cooking. My sister and I used to spend summers home alone pretending to be seasoned chefs so we could treat our parents to a delicious dinner every long summer day. What started out as undercooked potatoes and everything-in-your-pantry pasta slowly transformed into an understanding of flavors and passion to learn about food. I was always the first in the kitchen every weekend - making grocery lists, doing homework at the kitchen table, preparing coffee for my parents (espresso for mom and french press for dad). Next thing I knew, I was making dinner for my family every week and begging for them to invite friends over so I could try out new culinary creations.

In September 2015, after saving up to pay for my own trip, I expanded my gastronomic horizons and spent a month in Agde, France at Gastronomicom Cooking School. On top of learning more about how a kitchen is run and how to tackle some of the french basics, I also got to scratch "Live in France" off of my bucket list.

If you still haven't noticed, I love food. Not convinced? Let's put it this way, I got engaged in a restaurant kitchen. If you still don't believe me, then I don't know what more I can tell ya!


I have many interests, sales, marketing, graphic design, photography, event planning and food. All these interests have fueled my desire to explore Houston. This, in turn, led me to starting my own blog, centered on food. I tell the stories that these meals represent. I put a little love in every post and in every page, hoping that I can share my love of food with you. 



Visit my graphic design and event planning site at bubukadesigns.com.

P.S. Mommy asked me to share her site, too. Check it out at myfieldofflowers.com.


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well." -Virginia Woolf


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