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Huevos y Chorizos

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I woke up on Wednesday after Tropical Storm Bill. It didn't rain. It didn't flood, but hey, who said meteorology was an exact science.

Despite the lack of drama, the whole family stayed home. Per usual, mother and father had their coffee and Tina was still sleeping. I wanted protein. I pulled out the eggs and Daddy suggested adding heavy cream. For some complexity. I sauteed onions. I sliced the spicy Spanish Chorizo and threw them in the pan with the onions. The color turned dark and red, with the deep orange oil, rendered from the chorizo. The eggs cooked quickly with salt and pepper. After the eggs were almost completely done, I turned the fire all the way up and poured some cream over.

I would have put leeks instead of the onions, because I am obsessed with the combination.

At Home

With Mommy and Daddy

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