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The Bald Guy

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I woke up and dressed up slowly on Friday morning. Since Tina wanted to chill in the room a bit, I went to the mall that was attached to the hotel. I made it about 30 minutes before the stores opened, so I popped into Au Bon Pain and bought a parfait. I attempted to sit outside and soak up the sun. Instead I got smacked upside down and inside out from the wind. I finished my parfait on a bench and started my lap around the mall.

Finally, lunch time rolled around and Mommy and I met at Max Brenner's. We saw this restaurant when we were strolling around on our first night. It was bubbly and open late. Mommy and I made a note to return.

At first glimpse, the menu had a lot of sweets and a lot of waffles. We ordered a goat cheese and chicken salad with a cornbread waffle and a chilli cheesteak waffle sandwich. The sandwich was delicious. The beef was soft and thinly sliced. The cheese sauce was very simple, yet not very heavy. The onions were crispy and the waffle was thing and very soft. My only concern with the sandwich was that it was not warm enough. The salad was great, except for the bone-dry chicken. The biggest change that I would have made would be to made the cornbread waffle dryer, crispier and sweeter. I know I said the salad was great, but I'm pretty sure that the waffle greatly detracted from the salad.

Now, this place is known for their sweets, specifically their chocolate. The chocolate ranged from s'mores to crepes, waffles, and hot chcocolate. I ordered an Italian thick dark chocolate to go. Mommy and I sipped and shared the yummy drink.

At Max Brenner

In Boston

With Mommy

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