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Christine Ha Invites You

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

I felt like getting out of the house and having a change of scenery. Since the weather has been icky, hot and sticky, I thought the Galleria would be a good idea at 7PM on a Friday. Just after 9, we pulled out of the garage and I suggested to Talal that we do a late dinner out. I had seen Xin Chao on the Resy app and had been wanting to try it. Since it was open until 11PM, I plugged it into Google maps and made it there around 9:30PM.

Shortly after grabbing a seat, Talal, peering down at the menu, asked me who Chef Christine & Chef Tony were. Since I hadn't followed those chefs before, I pulled up the website to find that Chef Christine was the Season 3 winner of Master Chef. And although we aren't big Master Chef followers, we had seen the season where the blind Houstonian, Christine Ha, won. Suddenly our expectations skyrocketed as we made our menu selections. I ordered the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu - Not Our Ma's Eggrolls, Braised Pork & Crispy Rice, & Coconut Bread Pudding. Talal ordered the specialty Nguyen-er Nguyen-er Chicken Dinner. We feasted together on this indulgent, fried, fatty, hot meal.

At Xin Chao

With Talal

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