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Close, but No Cigar

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

With the post-Thanksgiving fatigue, we we decided to drive around town to alleviate the at-home-pandemic-boredom. We made a quick stop at the Galleria in the cold drizzly weather to pick up some Nespresso capsules, drive around looking at beautiful homes and then to grab. late lunch at Craft Pita. After much recommendation, Talal and I visited Craft Pita which promised to be a 'true Mediterranean dining experience.' We looked at the menu of familiar items in a clean, modern restaurant. We subtly laughed under our masks when the kind gentleman behind the counter explained what the items were.

We ordered and grabbed a seat outside on the sidewalk. We selected the fried cauliflower, the chicken and "riz a3 djej" bowl, hummus and Talal's 'shish tarok' sandwich. Although cloudy and drizzly, we still enjoyed the quiet strip center and the quiet, Sunday-like energy. The food was very ok. It was recognizable but I imagine that this food equates to Masala Wok's version of Asian or Indian Food. Simplified and not quite the same. We were happy to finally check it off the list but don't know if we'll be returning any time soon.

P.S. Lebanese food is different in every household. So, what's a girl to do if her family does it better?

With Talal

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