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It was a Saints Kind of Super Bowl

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

My First Post...

Today, Toot and I went to Roy's house. Roy, being the hunter that he is, invited us to a Pre-game party at his home. It was a fun, laid-back crowd and we had so much food. He and his wife Kim had Jello Shots, Goose Gumbo, Duck Stew, Bacon-Wrapped Duck, Bacon-Wrapped Goose, Jambalaya, and oh so many oysters...

While we were over he showed us his trophies. I was proud that I knew he ment stuffed animals before walked into the room! Thankfully the weather cooperated.

I got to keep the beads!!

We headed home to meet everyone and to see the Seahawks lose to the Patriots. Poor Joe..

At Roy's House in Houston

With Talal

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