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So, we made crawfish...

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Today's mission was to make crawfish. Talal, Lauren & I took charge.

Talal purged them (EW!). Lauren & I cut the onions, lemons, bell peppers. And everyone stared as we waited for the water to boil.

We followed the recipe that Lauren's uncle hand wrote and faxed to us. Here's how it goes...

Purge crawfish - 1 box of salt

Fill pot to the 6th hole in the strainer with water

Add potatoes and turn the heat on until you have a good boil.

Add onions, lemons, mushrooms, 2 bags of powdered seasoning, 1 bottle liquid seasoning, 1/2 bottle of Tabasco, 1/4 bottle of Cayenne Pepper, and 1/2 a box of salt..

Return to a good boil and add the crawfish and corn.

Return to boil for 5 minutes. Turn off fire and let sit to soak for 20 minutes.

Worth the wait and so rewarding. Only thing is.. you have to eat quick or else they get cold and not as yummy.

Apparently, the right way to eat it is like a barbarian. Throw all over the table. Dig in.

At Hassoun and Alaa's apartment building

With Talal, Hassoun, Lauren, Alaa, Bassem

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