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Inspired by the 'Real Girl'

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I woke up and headed downstairs. Daddy asked me to drive him to Starbucks to go buy coffee. It turned out to be a huge trip. I was low on gas, so we stopped at Shell. The myrtles had made my car all sticky and icky, so we stopped at Mister Car Wash. My tire pressure light was on, so we dropped next door to get the tires filled. Then the guy told us there was a nail in my tire, so we drove to Discount Tire. Daddy wanted me to get a matching tire, so we went to the other Discount Tire. The car needed a couple hours, so we called Tina to pick us up. I had time to kill, so I got my nails done. All the while, I was supposed to be lounging by the pool with Talal.

Eventually, I made my way over to his house. We watched a bit of the Cooking Channel, Real Girl's Kitchen with Haylie Duff. Unexpectedly, we started to crave dinner. She made meatballs, so we couldn't stop ourselves from making the same thing. We drove to Sprouts and bought ground turkey, pasta, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, and tomatoes for the sauce.

After the pasta cooked we noticed it had an unusually creamy texture. The water we boiled the pasta in also looked a little murky. Talal and I took a peak at the box and it turned out that it wasn't pasta. It was a gluten-free blend of rice and flax seed. I'm not quite sure if this made it healthier or simply different, but with sauce, it was a negligible difference in taste.

At Home

With Talal

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