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Honey, I'm Home!

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

At long last, we return to Rosie Cannonball. Nearly a year since we last visited, we've dreamt of our return to this wonderful Montrose spot. Dimly-lit, wonderful staff, a spot at the pizza counter, the opening sip of chilled Lambrusco.. This place was an accidental find back in November 2019 but very quickly became our favorite spot. So, after any months of the pandemic, Talal and I braved our first restaurant in Houston. They were careful to reduce the capacity of the restaurant, require masks and make us feel better about dining out. The hot pizza, acidic bean salad, roasted fennel with orange peel, olives, micro greens (what a novel idea) and the ice-cold sesame gelato.

Once the meal was done, I asked the server if she could ask the chef for his salad dressing recipe. Proof that simple ingredients done well are the way to go.

With Talal

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