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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Labor Day Weekend was a series of spontaneous events.

On Saturday, I drove to Talal's house around noon to met him, Hassoun, Hammoudi, and Rasha for lunch. Since everyone seemed to be running late, Talal and I went to the A&M Game HQ at Republic Smokehouse. My lunch consisted of Brisket Quesadillas and Mimosas. Eventually, the others showed up to eat. We went to the A&M game at NRG Stadium. It was A&M's first game of the season (playing the Arizona Sun Devils). I saw Eli Jones (founder of PES) and the game. As ti turns out, John and Tara were at the game because Tara went to Arizona. I sat and relaxed as the others sat tense watching the game unfold.

After a strong win by the Aggies, we ran to get dressed for a night out in Houston. First Stop: Stephanie's Birthday at Proof with the entire PES crew. After sweating profusely and $15 entry, Talal and I went to Cle. Hammoudi managed to get all 5 of us in by chatting with the manager. We danced and then it was time to go home.

Sunday afternoon, I met Talal, Hassoun, Hammoudi and Rasha at Cedar's Bakery. I don't know what I said, but I essentially committed to a night in Dallas. I ran home, packed abag and went to Dallas with Talal for the night.

This brings us to Sunday night. After the 4-hour drive, Talal and I arrived in Dallas (I made him stop for a snack at a coffee shop called Union). Hammoudi took us to a restaurant called Tei Tei. We ordered 17 items, both raw and cooked. The selection went a little something like this: Grilled Seabass, Shisito Peppers, Portobello Mushrooms, Rolls, Corn Flakes Shrimp, Foie Gras, Tuna Tartare. My favorite part of the restaurant was a display at the bar of the actual ingredients that the restaurant cooked with for the night. When the ingredients were out, that was it for the night.

At Tei Tei

In Dallas

With Talal, Hamoudi and Rasha

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