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I Hope France Didn't Ruin My Appetite

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Talal finally finished his PE Exam. He said it was tricky, but at least that burden for the last year is gone! To surpise him, I left work to buy a balloon, a bottle of champagne, and a UH Shirt (going to the game tomorrow). My surprise was lame. He made it at the same time as I did.. Luckily we were supposed to have a nice dinner to celebrate.

We made our way over to Caracol. We walked in and the place was enormous. You can hardly see it from the street, yet somehow it is a huge place. Talal and I ordered margaritas. They didn't dissapoint at all. We told the server we will be taking our time at the restaurant and wesipped on our 'ritas and tried the oysters paired iwth a homemade salsa. They were hands down the best oysters I've ever had. Not too salty, well-cleaned, cold, and juicy. This place was skyrocketing to the top of my list. Then, the food came. Talal orderd a mix of grilled seafood. I ordered teh scallops and brussel sprouts.

I took one bite of the scallops and I noticed that they were undercooked for my liking. The puree and the mushrooms underneath tasted muddy and looked messy. The radishes, although prety, did not match the flavor profile of the dish. The brussel sprouts were simply boiled with a burnt-tasting chimmichurri.

I love good food. I rarely claim to find bad food. This time, I would put my entree and side in the bad category. My first thought was. "I hoope France didn't ruin my appetite." What if I have become like all the Lebanese grandmothers who only eat their own food, because others aren't up to par.

To give the restaurant a chance to break the tie between meal and appetizer, I ordered a dessert - El Coco. El Coco is a coconut dessert and their most popular dessert. Once I got it, all I saw was chocolate and a hammer. It was a sphere filled with coconut mousse and coconut shavings. I hammered and cracked the shell. Inside, there was also more chocolate. I let out a sigh and Talal knew that the tie went south.

I'm goign to go back another day to give this place one mroe shot, but I dont think it's going to do it for me.

I'll keep an eye on the developments..

At Caracol

With Talal

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