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For the love of Potlucks

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After a long day golfing, eating BBQ , and training Irene & Christina for the State Farm Sales Competition, I made it home to start making onion jam, tomato jam, and rye bread.

At least I had enough forethought to make the fermented dough in advance.. but that was the only preparation that I did.

I became a drill sergeant and Ryan became my trainee. He helped my blanch tomatoes, peel, dice, and mix.

The Tomato Jam had jalapeño, tomato, sugar, and a nice cinnamon stick. The onion jam took about 8 onions, a ton of balsamic vinegar for color and sweetness, sugar for more sweetness, and some cloves. The Country Bread recipe from France was up next. I planned to make one large loaf, but after talking it through with Tina, I decided to make individual rolls. The roll in the image was a pumpkin shape with a clove as the stem, per Mommy's request.

At this point, it was 2am and time for bed. I had an early day to make it to the office.

At Home

With Tina, Mommy, & Ryan

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