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Holiday Drop Offs

If I had to guess, it has been 3 consecutive years that I've wanted to make Christmas cookies to share with our friends and neighbors. Now, I'm not saying that we haven't made any cookies in that time. I'm more saying that none of them were all that pretty and we definitely didn't think through packaging and delivery. So, after many attempts, we finally set a cookie-baking date, Saturday, December 19th.

I passed by the Dollar Tree twice to pick up the boxes paper and other items for packaging up the cookies - a promising sign.tNow, with Tina unable to join us, Mommy and I planned out the recipes. These are what we settled on:

We went to H-E-B to pick up the items and made our way home to make cookies for 8 hours. The clear winner was the hazelnut cookies with the drizzle of chocolate. So unbelievably yummy! Wow! After hours on our feet, constantly trying to find counter space and too many sweet samples, we baked over 250 cookies. They all worked. We kept working.. slower and slower by the hour and finally, we packed them all up.

We made lots fo drop-offs over the next few days - Jill, Mommy's friends, Alaa, The Ghazals. A little joy in a pandemic holiday season.

P.S. Alaa asked for another order. Perhaps a hobby worth keeping?

At Home

With Mommy

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