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Champagne Makes it All Better

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On a very chilly winter day in Houston, Saskya and I met at State of Grace to celebrate our job well done for the 20th Anniversary Graduation and Awards Sellebration. Can't believe it has already come and gone!

Despite multiple wardrobe changes, I arrived promptly at 7:30 pm. It was definitely a surprise since traffic has been absurd after the holidays and with the construction on Kirby.

We sat and started our meal with a glass of wine and the warm burrata with sorghum syrup and pistachio butter. It was delicate and not too sweet - served next to thin crispy baguette slices. Great for a cold evening. For my main course, I ordered scallops and clams that were served with a kefir leaf lime broth, and black rice. Flavor wise, the lime wasn't sour, but you could taste the warm citrus. Overall, a fine dish that matched the ambiance of the place - dark and mysterious. I wouldn't have included the limes in my plate, but I also knew that they weren't edible.

As a side, we ordered the Szechuan broccoli. Spice-wise it wasn't too much for me. However, the oil must have been far too cold, because the broccoli served as a sponge that soaked up too much oil. This is the kind of thing that would give you heartburn. We returned it and I think we surprised Matthew, because he was extremely apologetic.

If you know me at all, Champagne is my first second and third favorite drink. So, when Matthew brought us champagne as an apology, I didn't hesitate to reach my hand out and secure the flute to my hand.

At State of Grace

With Saskya

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