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Hiring a Food Photographer

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I swear my food tastes better than it looks. It also takes a lot more work than it looks like it does. At this point, I either need to take no photos or take a class.

I made everything from deviled eggs to Chick-Fil-A nuggets. Well.. almost everything. The labor-intensive work was my mushroom and prosciutto pinwheels and my beef empanadas. People barely ate.. and I really did make less than I usually would. We did have a lot of cancellations at the last minute.. anyways. Lots of work. Not enough energy to describe it.

Not photographed - meatballs that were enjoying their time int he slow cooker way too much.

At Home

With Talal, Tina, Dd, Vicki, Stanica, Karina, Ignacio, G'Nai, Maysoun, Ray, Hind, Salim, Nasseim, Ghandi, Hamoudi, Hassoun, Baraa, Wissam, Hisham

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