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A Bunch of Brunch

Updated: Jul 21

You can ask both my parents and they'll tell you that breakfast isn't usually my favorite meal. Growing up, I'd wake up early and wait for everyone to join me for the day. Instead, they woke up around lunch time and wanted breakfast. Meanwhile, I could have had 2 meals.

Breakfast was always the thing holding me back from lunch. Well, these days, breakfast food has been supremely popular. Hell, put an egg on something and everyone goes crazy!

Talal and I have gotten into this fun habit of running early on Saturday or Sunday mornings. We'll spend a couple hours out exploring. By the time we get home, it's time for a HUGE breakfast. My new-found love for butter sure doesn't help either. I've been focusing on really luxurious spreads that reward us for a job well done.

I guess I don't hate brunch anymore.

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