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Summer and the Sea

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The perfect Saturday plans consist of hours spent outside, a hot grill under the even hotter Houston sun, and meal with the family.

Talal and I reserved 3-dozen gulf oysters for grilling - reminiscent of my first blog post. After what seemed like hours, we finally finished shucking the oysters. We threw them on the grill with melted butter and grated parmesan and left them until they bubbled and browned around the edges. I think we can all agree that almost nothing tops the taste of caramelized, golden and bubbling cheese.

After we quickly devoured the oysters, we just as quickly began dredging and frying the Branzino that my dad bought for our meal. At the table, we saw the fruits of our labor and smelled the sea. As we sat outside, we heard the sound of happy, chirping birds and the buzz of mosquitoes during our perfect summer meal gratefully provided by the sea (Whole Foods, and Blue Horizon).

At Home

With Mommy, Daddy & Talal

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