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Meeting the Humble Baker

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

When we touched down in San Francisco, Carl had to make 2 important calls in our Uber. The first call was about an over repair. The second was to Tartine Bakery. He ordered fresh bread to pick up and return to Houston. I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered 2 loaves of my own.

Once we landed in San Fran, we made it to the AirBnB at 10am and still had plenty of time to pass by Tartine Bakery on our way to Dreamforce. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, standing in the beautiful sunshine. I stared at the menu and decided what to order about 15 times. The croissants? Something sweeter? Eggs? Croque Madam? I went back and forth multiple times. We entered the doors and waited inside the cramped restaurant. It was quaint, crowded, friendly, and filled with regulars.

As I approached the counter, I spotted the flakiest, most beautiful croissants. My 30 minutes of deliberation went out the window and I ordered a ham and cheese one and an almond one.

We sat outside in the beautiful weather and enjoyed the pause in our soon-to-be busy week ahead.

As the week progressed, we picked up our beautiful loaves and Carl told me about his friend Kenneth. He bakes beautiful loaves every week and offers them to the people of Houston, anyone who appreciates a good bread. Without a moment to spare, I emailed Kenneth and joined his email list. When we landed in Houston, we passed by and met Kenneth, who gave me the Portuguese Corn Bread as a welcome gift.

Now, every Monday, I receive an email from "Kenneth, The Humble Baker."

At Tartine Bakery

With Carl

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