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Will Wait for Tacos

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This year for my birthday, I told Talal that I wanted to eat Laredo Tacos for breakfast. So, on my birthday morning, around 10 am, we made our way to Laredo to pick up some tacos and enjoy them back at the house. We made it there and the line was so long. Although not unusual, we were pretty hungry so, we opted for making breakfast tacos at home.

They turned out yummy and Talal took me to Central Market to lift my spirits. More on that here...

I didn't forget that I still wanted Laredo. In October, we finally got up early enough to enjoy Laredo. here's. picture of us standing in line on a chilly October morning - smiling under our masks in anticipation.

At Laredo Taqueria

With Talal

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