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And She Persisted...

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After 7 long weeks of tedious studying, I finally signed up to take my Real Estate licensing exam. It was very difficult to retain the information and study in preparation for the exam. When exam day finally came, the stress was real. I went in at 7:45AM and expected to spend the entire morning in the exam room. In about 45 minutes, I finished the exam. Was that a good thing? A bad thing? Who knew?

It was a rollercoaster waiting for each portion of the exam and the results which follow. When I finally made it out of the room, I was worried that I didn't pass both exams. When I saw that I passed, I broke into tears and called everyone to tell them. Everyone, including myself, was terribly surprised by my reaction. I went to work to share the great news and then went to meet my mom for lunch.

Mommy brought me a sweet book called "She Persisted." Although I had major doubts, she knew that I'd work hard and pass the exam (on my first try).

At Azuma

With Mommy

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