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Meatballs Two Ways

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Last year, Talal ordered me a magazine subscription to Food & Wine Magazine and Cooking Light. I found a picture that caught my eye. It was meatballs with ooey, gooey mozzarella balls. The balls are a combination of turkey and sweet Italian sausage with parsley, panko breadcrumbs, pecorino romano and grated garlic. Despite the turkey, the recipe is still quite heavy, so I came up with a couple variations to see what I liked best.

In the first photo, I spread pesto in the base of the plate and placed the meatballs with bite-sized potatoes, mozzarella and lemon zest.

In the second photo, we cooked the meatballs in the cast iron skillet and added petite diced tomatoes with garlic. In the last few moments, I added the mozzarella so they would get the gooey quality that drew me to the recipe in the first place.

Turns out that the pesto plate was the winning combo. Talal preferred the sauce-y tomato one. I guess opposites do attract.

At Home

With Talal

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