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Tadich Grill

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

When Carl and I found out we were officially going to Dreamforce in San Francisco, the restaurant planning began. We quickly decided to try a Michelin-starred restaurant. For the other night, Carl said that he had to go to his favorite restaurant, Tadich Grill. We decided to make it an alumni affair.

What I soon found out is that it is the longest-running restaurant in San Francisco. It's an old-school seafood restaurant with a very expansive menu with plenty of fresh seafood options. We grabbed a seat at the bar until our table was ready. It's a long, narrow restaurant with a long wooden bar through the center of the entire restaurant. The servers wear white aprons around their waists with white button-downs and black ties.

We moved to a crammed table for our group of 6. Immediately, I asked Carl for his recommendations menu-wide. The two that stuck were the cioppino and the tomato and anchovy salad.

The salad came out and it was ice cold. Crisp. Crunchy.

The cioppino came with a bib. It was a rich tomato sauce with mussels, scallops, shrimp and other seafood, accompanied by garlic bread.

It was a pleasure to eat at a San Francisco Institution.

At Tadish Grill in San Francisco

With Carl and PES Alumni

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