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From Teta, With Love

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

During my trip to Lebanon with Talal, we divided and conquered since we had a short time in Lebanon and plenty of family to see. Among the items that I requested 'min eid teta,' I wanted a manoushe b'dhen in all its greasy glory.

I had it once before. Teta made it in the mountain of Ain w Zain for a fundraising event for the elderly care center. I remember being there on a hot, summer day with a couple of my cousins from daddy's side as my teta and her friends cranked out manakeesh as fast as everyone could eat them. Teta handed me a manoushe, fresh off the heat. Fat dripping down her arms, she passed it to me with a wedge of lemon. I squeezed the lemon and bit into it. It was hot, salt and very savory. I don't remember what year that was and I don't recall most of the details, but that bit was so memorable.

Years later, this summer, teta made it for me again. And it was even better than I remembered, because this time, this was my view.

I don't have very many recent photos of them, so this one is extra special.

In Lebanon

With Teta and Jeddo

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