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Grocery Store Sushi

I have a long history with grocery store sushi. When I was younger, living at home, I was always daddy's grocery store companion. We would shop for all the week's necessities and I would always manage to sneak a couple things into the basket - Strawberry Pocky, a can of Mango Nectar, and a box of H-E-B sushi. Inevitably, mommy would think that these were unnecessary purchases and they became daddy and I's little secret. Quickly eating my sushi in the car before making it home.. as if mommy didn't know.

Talal and I were hungry despite the delicious bagels we had this morning. One thing I had been craving for what seemed like months is sushi. We haven't yet gone to a restaurant and sushi isn't always a good idea for takeout. So, I proudly suggested H-E-B sushi. Talal looked at me quizzically before asking, "are you sure?" I know, this doesn't seem like a thing I would typically go for, but it has a special place in my heart.

We picked up quite the spread of potstickers, seaweed salad, and 3 boxes of rolls. The next stop was to the center aisles for pickled ginger (sold out) and spicy mayo (very expensive). We ended up running back nd picking up the small to-go ginger and making mayo at home. When we got home, hungry and ready to dig in, we set everything on the coffee table and found a movie to watch.

At Home

With Talal

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