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Don't Burn Down Thanksgiving

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Ramsey, the Sabra's and our family were getting together to celebrate all the great things in our lives. It felt like it had been quite some time since we enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal at home with all the fixings. We woke up early as we always do, rubbing laban on the big bird, slicing sweet potatoes, shredding cheese and all the wonderful tasks that made it the best day fo the year.

We baked as many items as we could int he top oven and placed the turkey in the bottom one. When we started baking all the lovingly-made dishes, it was quickly clear that something was wrong with our ovens. Daddy had 'accidentally broken' a metal bar that had been in the bottom oven as far back as we can remember. Without realizing why, the oven kept overheating. The turkey, raw on the inside was burned in a matter of 30 minutes. Suddenly, we were an oven short. Playing a special juggling game, we somehow managed to cook everything.. only managing to char the turkey and the sweet potatoes.

The theme of Thanksgiving this year was, 'Don't Burn It!' So, next year, we'll leave the oven as is and hopefully, the theme will be, 'Just as We Remembered It!'

At Home

With the Family

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