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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On Talal's first day back into the office, I decided to make myself a fun, colorful breakfast. It had been a while since I was left home completely alone. I'm talking 2 months ago.. before Houston officially posted the stay-at-home order. He won't be gone every day, but this quiet time makes me miss him and his back-to-back meetings all day long.

After weeks of watching Leonie Hanne on Instagram with her beautiful bowls of açaí or blue spirulina, I was finally influenced. Having had all the ingredients already, I made my first bowl using last night's left over banana, mango, berry, spinach smoothie. I topped it with a strawberry, banana, coconut, pistachios and pecans. I sent a photo to Talal and yes, he was jealous. Hopefully, this will keep him home in the future.

I made a different bowl each day - açaí bases, smoothies, even coconut yogurt. Each one brought me a little joy on a quiet day at home. I added to my supply list and purchased bee pollen, more fruit, walnuts, coconut, and granola. I know soon that the excitement may wear off but until then, I'm eager to keep this little, colorful tradition on gloomy pandemic days.

At Home

With Talal

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