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Let's Be Better Humans

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It's April and the weather in Houston is finally warm enough to go for a nice, long walk. My parents had come early, prepared to go for a long walk on Allen Parkway. We walked nearly 5 miles according to my watch.

Once we made it home, we quickly showered and hopped in the car looking for a quick breakfast or lunch option. Mommy and Daddy had recently tried a restaurant that they loved, Flower Child. We made it to Uptown and immediately stood in the long, quick-moving line. One thing that caught my eye while we stood in line was the stencil on the ground saying, "Let's Be Better Humans."

When we approached the front of the line, the girl at the check out asked if my name was Yara Suki. Try as I might, I couldn't recognize her, but she knew me from presenting in front of the Professional Selling class. I ordered a salad and couldn't turn down the tomato toast. It was light and healthy. After a long walk, I felt like this was the right combo!

It was delicious and I plan to come back very soon. Does that make me a better human?

At Flower Child

With Mommy & Daddy

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