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Not Fooling Anyone

After a long evening of Instagram sleuthing, I discovered a new Thai restaurant with some ridiculously photogenic dumplings. So, as I typically do, I got to my "Want To Go" list on Google Maps and bookmark it.

So, after a long day at the PES Sales Career Fair, I told Talal that we're heading out to dinner. Thai seemed like just the thing. We went to dinner and ordered a big spread of all the good stuff - Tom Yum Cocktail, Veggie dumplings, papaya salad, drunken noodles, and of course, curry. It was so exciting to walk into the restaurant (masks on) and smell all the quintessential scents of Thai cuisine.

Forgetting just how spicy real Thai food is and despite the warnings and the hesitant glances from our server, I ordered my food spicy. When the food came, the memories of our trip rushed back. The beach. The long walks in the wrong shoes. Endless bites of warm rice and ripe mango. As I ate my dinner, I slowly felt the burn of a few too many Thai chili peppers. The sniffles came first.. then the watery eyes. When he waitress came back to heck on us, she asked, 'how is everything?' and 'is it too spicy?'. WIth a big grin, I said everything was great - too embarrassed to admit that I couldn't handle the heat.

As she walked away, I was proud that I covered it up so well. As I thought that, Talal said, "You're not fooling anyone." So, when she came back to refill our waters (yes, I chugged mine and his), I ordered the mango sticky rice to cool my palate as soon as possible.

10/10 would recommend not getting the spicy. Otherwise, I'll be back. P.S. the dumplings were worth the hype. Get them!

With Talal

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