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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

What's the best way to warm up on a cold Philly day when you have a couple hours to spare? Spicy food? A warm drink? Well, would you think that tacos would do the trick?

After a successful morning show, Ilijah, Tammy & I went out to lunch, with hopes of visiting the Liberty Bell afterwards. We ordered the guacamole. It came with two salsas and an assortment of plantain, taro root, and tortilla chips. The guacamole needed more acidity and salt, because it mostly just tasted like mashed avocados, but I wouldn't complain with the portion size.

I was really back and forth between a couple of the options on the menu. The entrees all sounded amazing, but if you've eaten at a restaurant with me, you know I like recommendations. I ended up with the fried chicken tacos. OH MY GOODNESS! SO AMAZING! In both presentation and flavor, these surpassed my expectations. The chicken was juicy inside, yet perfectly crispy. The tacos had a sharply-acidic pickled cabbage made me pucker up. The chipotle aioli provided some creaminess and spiciness that mellowed out the cabbage. The bizarre thing that I didn't expect to like was the celery greens that brought a freshness to the tacos. I wouldn't have thought to add it to this combinations, but let's just say it was a balanced taco.

Unfortunately, Tammy had to run after lunch, but Elijah and I managed to sneak in a quick trip to the Liberty Bell. It was smaller than I expected, but I appreciate the amount of history and symbolic nature of such an item.

Yesterday, we ate at Reading market. We were so hungry that we took no photos. What a shame, because it was a delicious sandwich with roasted whole anaheim peppers and lots of yummy brisket and sausage..

At Lolita

In Philly

With Tammy & Ilijah

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