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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I was at BMC, just working and minding my own business when Tina and mommy told me to go meet them for lunch. Work was slow so I went and picked daddy up. The four of us met up at True Food Kitchen. Wow, it was delicious. I got the Thai Green Papaya salad and I would very well get it again.

Mommy and I left inspired, so we turned the corner to Whole Foods to explore new ingredients. I bought trumpet mushrooms, kelp noodles, sunchokes, daikon radish, and a humongous beet.

Then I saw this wall of beautiful breads. Ever since Tine started baking breads at home, I started to take notice of the good breads. We saw a beautiful wall of bread. Braided. Twisted. Scored. Floured. Round. Long. All baked. All delicious.

With Mommy

True Food Kitchen
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