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Free on a Friday

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

It was a beautiful day outside. I'd been so busy for the last couple months that I realized that I hadn't just strolled around. Today was the day.

I wrapped up my stuff at BMC and headed to City Centre. Daddy was leaving work so he met up with me. We walked into a couple stores and just walked around to get some fresh crisp and cool air. Even though we were getting a bit closer to dinner time, we needed a snack. What were our options? Red Mango-Too Cold; Ruggles Green-Didn't want a meal; Straits-Didn't want anything expensive. Then we had the brilliant idea of soup at Yard House. We sat at the bar and I got Tortilla Soup and daddy got Clam Chowder. Alongside my soup, I sampled a Pineapple Cider and a Pear Cider. Both refreshing, but neither something I would order again.

Thanks pops for the great afternoon and the awesome company!

At Yard House

With Daddy

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