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Easter Won't Let Us Eat

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Tina dropped me off to meet Hassoun and Talal. While we were sitting there, Hisham invited everyone to Top Golf in Spring at 4pm. Awesome!

We were pretty hungry so we picked up Alaa and decided to grab lunch before we met up with everyone. Alaa suggested Olive Oil in the Woodlands. He said the food was amazing. Now, right before we caught a glimpse of the place, he told us that it was a lot better than it looked. Well, we didn't have the opportunity to judge for ourselves, because they were closed for Easter. The restaurant had festive stickers and a "Sorry, we're closed" note on the door. We had our laughs and decided to go to the mall for some grub.

An hour later.. we found food. Everywhere we went was either closed or closing for Easter festivities. We literally got turned away. Finally, we settled on Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe. We expected a small variety, but instead got a nice, big menu. We were going to spend a large handful of change, but it was the only place that would feed us.

I had their Char-Grilled Filet Mignon Salad: Grilled Potatoes, Romas, Crispy Shiitakes, Garlic Aïoli, Tamarind Vinaigrette. It was sophisticated, healthy, filling, and a new twist on something old. I also tried their Pineapple Paradisio. It was sweet and smooth. It was a perfect tropical drink at a highly sought after Easter lunch.

At Tommy Bahamas

In the Woodlands

With Talal, Alaa, & Hassoun

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