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She Said We'd Eat Well

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

After months of training, it was time to head to Kennesaw, Georgia for the National Collegiate Sales Competition (also known as the N-PJ-CSC by Fabian). To wish us a great trip and full bellies, Amy treated us to dinner at Elevation Chophouse. It's a rather small venue with a view of a small aiport strip. It's a peculiar place for a restaurant, but once you get the food, you hardly notice how bizarre your surroundings are.

We ordered the spinach artichoke dip, calamari, shrimp, and the blue cheese chips. Oh, and let's not forget the ribs. Amy wanted a little not a whole entrée-worth, so we got the half rack and split them.

Next came the adult beverages. I ordered the Texas Margarita made with Liquid Nitrogen. What that means is that you will have the rare opportunity to eat your margarita with a spoon and a side of Grand Marnier.

My entree - although completely unnecessary after 5 appetizers and a dessert-like drink - was Salmon with a wasabi creme and mashed potatoes. It was juicy, salty and cooked to perfection. Although presentation was nothing special, it was a nice piece of fish.

The group shared 2 desserts. I had a bit of ice cream, considered the possiblities of crawling to the hote,l and left.

At Elevation Chophouse in Kennesaw, Georgia

With the NCSC Team

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