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Won't Stop 'til we Get Pasta

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Graduation was the end of a long, long journey. A well-deserved break was in order. I decided that I wanted to go to the beach on Sunday. However, Talal kindly reminded me that Sunday was the business meeting where I was getting sworn into the ADS Board for the second time. I switched it to Saturday. I was adament that I wanted a nice relaxing day and a tan to start off the summer. Luckily so, because the weather was perfect (warm and not too sunny, and clear because of the week-long rain) Tina and I picked up Talal and Sandra (our new friend who just moved to Houston for her Medical Residency program). Caren met us up there. After a few hours and sunburns all around, Toot and I needed to head back to Houston for Brian's Graduation party.

After a certain point, Talal and I couldn't even handle our hunger. Where to eat... where to eat? I decided upon a carbo-loaded Italian meal. Carabba's was more than we felt like paying. Buca Di Beppo was Prom Central - too many floor-length dresses to count and an hour wait that I couldn't stand. Talal makes the executive decision to head to Goode Co. BBQ. On the way, I remembered Prego in Rice Village (with the assistance of Yelp).

Seeing as the weather was still beautiful, we sat outside. I ordered the Spaghetti Con Polpette. As we waited, we gorged down two baskets of bread. The spaghetti was heavy and filling. It had veal & beef meatballs, pancetta, leeks, onions, tomato sauce, and spaghetti (the whole reason we came)!

We had originally planned to have gelato from Paciugo... But after that meal all we could fit in was NOTHING!

At Prego

With Talal

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