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Maybe it's a Suki Thing...

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Maybe it's a Suki thing, but when I get going in the kitchen, I tend to spend my whole day there. After the scones and the pizza, we had about an hour 'til Sandra was meeting us to go to Pinot's. Just enough time for me to flip through a cookbook - even when I wasn't planning to make anything - and pick something to make (which we happened to have all of the ingredients for). There was a Hazelnut Brittle in a Food & Wine Cookbook. Despite all the dishes we used and washed, I got more dirty to quickly make an almost-caramel and mix it with crushed hazelnuts. I laid it on a Silpat to cool. A Repite (in Mommy's voice)

Served with coffee to the parental units.

At Home

With Tina

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