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A Pizza & A Stone

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

For Tina's birthday, I got her a Myabi Offsett Bread Knife. I know I have a minor obsession with knives, but it was Tina's turn. Gift #2 was a beautiful, red-enameled pizza stone, using the logic of Jim Lahey's Bread Book.

As always, our goal was to make the pizza crispy, which has not yet worked for us. We heated the stone at 500 degrees, pulled it out, placed the cornmeal, dough and toppings and baked for around 10 minutes on high broil. It was an intense operation, although it didn't need to be. When we pulled the pizza out, it stuck in a few places that the cornmeal didn't cover. The pizza was far more successful than others we had made in the past.

Unfortunately, we could not eat it fresh. We made it as a light dinner to go alongside our Pinot's Palette - Girl's Night Out. Sandra Abed, Tina and went to paint an elephant. It was a detailed painting, with a few annoying attendees, and cold slices of pizza. Next time, I'm eating it fresh.

High note - the class instructor let us keep his painting ;)

At Home

With Tina & Daddy

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