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Yr. 22 Meal No. 1

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On the night before my birthday, Danielle, Elliot, Tina, Mikey and I went to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. It was our first time, so we really didn't know what to expect. It was a large group of people drinking, singing and dancing. I felt incredibly awkward until I got a big pink fruity drink. It came with a rubber duck and 8 straws. After we got into the groove of things, we started reccommending songs and singing along. We had a huge blast! We spent hours there.

Of course we left hungry. What's open at 2am? Yup.. iHop. The first meal I ate to celebrate age 22 was Harvest Grain N Nut pancakes. I got 2 pancakes. Of course, these were not eaten as photographed below. Frankly, no one needs that much butter. Actually, no one should even eat that much butter. I smeared a little bit on each pancakes, restacked them, and coated them in good ol' syrup. These are by far the fluffiest, yummiest pancakes.


With Tina & Mikey

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