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Mikey, Chris, & I

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Mikey and I went to Del Frisco Grille. From the start, I knew that I wanted the VIP, but Mikey felt a little adventurous. As we sat down, the waitress asked if we want tequila. Like the good kids we are, we said yes and took a shot. Then we followed up with our drinks. As I said, I had The VIP. Mikey had a Peach-Whiskey drink, Youth Serum and a Dirty Martini.

Neither Mikey nor I knew anything about ordering a martini. Luckily, Chris (our super smart waiter) walked us through it. He said that we're "going to want something strong, but not too strong." He suggested a dirty Ketel One Martini with the Blue Cheese stuffed olives. Mikey takes his first sip and he says, "This tastes like my omelette this morning." Turns out olives don't work out twice in one day.

Thank goodness for the VIP.

Now between all of these sips, we had the Buffalo Grit Cakes. They were smooth with a crispy outer shell. It was an average dish, but what i really enjoyed were the micro celery sprinked on top. They were small, had the strong taste of celery, but without the fibrous texture. Where do people find these things?!

Anyways, Chris is now our buddy and we'll be visiting him again soon!

At Del Frisco's Grille - Upper Kirby

With Mikey

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