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Pork Potsticker Potluck

Updated: Jul 21

Today, I had my last potluck with the SEI Team. As always, I wanted to make something special. Originally, I wanted to make a creamy pasta and start creating my own mac & cheese. However, inspiration didn't strike. So, back to the drawing board. I didn't have to look too far because my Possibilities page gave me an option. Potstickers. Of course, I decided this at 10pm. Tina and I went to HEB late at night and bought the items. We were among the very few at the store and we bought our things and got outta there!

I stuffed them with Pork that I cut into tiny cubes, cabbage, pickled ginger, green onions, and mushrooms. I flavored the stuffing with soy sauce, garlic chili sauce, and sweet and hoisin sauce.

I got a spoon and spooned equal amounts onto all of my beautiful square wonton wrappers. Now, up to this point, it was a long process, but not a difficult one. The difficulties arose when we tried to figure out how to cook them.

Do we pan fry them and add water? No, because that made them soggy and made the house smell of fried foods. Do we simply bake them? Not sure, because it wont get that steamed quality. At this point it was 4am and Tina had an early morning to get her new iPhone.

This morning I simply baked the potstickers at 400 degrees for 6ish minutes on each side. The second side took slightly longer, since the oven lost its heat when I was flipping the wontons.

I boxed them up neatly and scuttered away to school.

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