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We're out of Wontons

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

While Mommy was in Lebanon, Tina and I decided we want to throw a Surprise Champagne Party for her in honor of her book. We never had the chance to truly celebrate because she went to Florida and Lebanon almost immediately after.

We texted Tante Hala and made sure she was free and it went full-speed from there. Tina and I immediately built the menu, where we started with an Italian twist - caprese skewers, fresh bread, arancini. I kept going back and forth until Tina finally made me choose. Somehow we ended up with an asian menu.

Daddy took mommy out of the house for 4 hours. We made edamame, a veggie tray, my asian chicken salad (Tante Hala's favorite), turkey meatballs, sliced potatoes, shrimp spring rolls, pad thai spring rolls, and cream cheese wontons.

We admit that we picked too many dishes that require heavy manual labor. Luckily, Toot came to the rescue and helped cook and clean. A surprise party with 2 sets of hands isn't a recipe for success! P.S. Sorry for yelling at you Toot!

The pad thai rolls were new to us. We coated the tofu with flour and cornstarch, deep fried them and tossed them in sauces (much like you would with a buffalo wing). Then Tina made an al dente ramen noodle. She built her assembly line, including mint, mango, cilantro, lime, and the tofu.

The wontons were delicious and creamy. They were also the first to go, even though we made 52 of them for a group of 15 people. Somehow the ones that are the simplest are the best. I guess we're making these again.

The party was a hit. Everyone made it on time and mommy was SOO surprised, despite Tina and I acting fishy.

At the party, she read the part of the card that I wrote to commorate the book, "Damdum, When I was little, I always used to say that I wanted a little brother- Someone we could take care of and watch grow up over the years. If you think about it, you created a new member of the family. He's heavy to carry, we keep having to put on and off his diaper. We are sharing him with the world and on Facebook. Best of all, we've seen him grow up from a little baby to a rebellious teenager and into the beautiful man he is today. Thank you for bringing this dream to the world. He's going to be a big mark in our history. Love you mommy! Baby Suki- Born June 2015"!

At Home

With the Saab's, Charafeddine's, Duna's, Najjar's, Suki's and Talal

Chili and Chives

Chili and Chives

Chili and Chives

Chili and Chives

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