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Old & New Friends

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

To celebrate Maya and Yasmeen's 23rd birthdays, we decided to have a semi-girl's night out. The initial plan was to try coltivare, btu there was a lengthy wait time and they do not easily accomodate 7 guests.

We switched gears and headed to Del Frisco Grille, because who doesn't love the VIP?

I asked if Chris was here, but he wasn't serving any large tables. I still managed to flag him down.

They gave the girls birthday cakes. They were the Lemon Doberge Cake, which is the lightest fluffiest cake ever. it has Lemon Buttercream on the outside with a lemon glaze between the layers. it was slightly cold and very moist. For some reason, I completely fell in love. I couldn't stop talking about this cake for 15 minutes. I even photographed the menu to write it down.

We finished the night with a Vegas Bomb shot each - Happy birthday!

At Del Frisco Grille

With Tina, Yasmeen, Marwan, Maya, Nisrine and Nayla

Chili and Chives

Chili and Chives

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