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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

I dressed up quickly after buying my new Burberry Britt perfume. Then, Talal joined me to go to the PES Summer Social. It was an easy, laid-back, 100 degree afternoon. We chit-chatted with Mike, Juan, Sonya, Sikay and the whole PES crew.

After sweating and sipping on mimosas, Talal and I had selected to eat Indian at kiran's for Houston Restaurant Weeks. We drove to Kiran's and then noticed that I had left my card at Celtic Gardens. We drove back and forth and finally arrived at dinner. The place was warm and intimate, essentially a great ambiance for a date night. As we waited, we were served delicious crisps with an assortment of sauces. My three courses were a soup flight of corn chowder, tomato saffron, and lentil coup. Each one was creamier than the next. My second course was red fish with mushrooms, rice with onions, and garlic naan. My entrée was delicious, but Talal ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala. Mine was good. His was wayyy better. Lastly, I ate the poached pear with stilton.

We continued to meet the neighbors for a fun night. It was a perfect, well-balanced day. I started with family time, then some time with friends and networking with new ones, dinner time with my habibi, and time with the neighbors. As for a good day, this was one of them.

At Kiran's

With Talal

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