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Down in Downtown

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Shnookums and I spent the day at the Galleria, where I went shopping! I bought three pieces from Zara - grey leggings, a long white shirt with side slits, and a tan vest-type blouse. I supplied my outfit for the night: the white shirt and the leggings.

Later that night:

At Sambuca this weekend, Talal, Hassoun, Lauren, some DNV-GL and myself coworkers sat outside for a relaxed, late night dinner. I had a salad and a side of mac and cheese. The mac and cheese came highly recommended by our waiter. It was a mix of penne pasta, chewy pancetta, green onions, and white cheese. It was hearty and perfect after a day at the galleria. However, I fed my healthy side with a Spinach Salad. It had bacon, mushrooms, red onions.

Once we finished with dinner, Alaa and Ryan Abilmona joined the group. We went to Bovine and Barley. It's a new bar in downtown that Talal and Hassoun had tried out. I was never excited to go, simply because of the name. When we went, I loved it. It was an homage to Houston and it's new mixology culture. After a little socializing, we went to Henke & Pillot and danced until the lights came on.

At Sambuca

With Talal, Hassoun (and the coworkers), Alaa, Ryan, and Lauren

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