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Tomato Risotto

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This afternoon, we made Tomato Risotto. Although I've made risotto many times in the past, I still learned the correct process. We started by sweating onions, salt, and shallots with a whole garlic au chemise (with the peel on). Once translucent, we add in the arborio rice and fry until the get more translucent. The purpose of this is to fry the outside, allowing the rice to keep it's texture. Once the rice is ready, cover with white wine and allow to boil and reduce. Slowly ladle in unsalted, hot stock. The hot, (preferably) unsalted chicken stock will keep the rice cooking. Cold stock will stop cooking. Add more salt. Add one ladle and wait until the liquid is absorbed, stirring frequently. Continue until the rice is semi-soft. Let rest for 10-15 minutes.

We made tomato water the day before. To do so, we vaccum seeled the centers of tomatoes to break down the fibers. The next day we strained the tomatoes through a cloth and a chinoise. We heated the water. After resting time is done, cover with hot tomato water, butter and olive oil. Continue stirring. Once the risotto is ready, pull off fire and slowly add grated parmesan cheese. Putting the cheese when the rice is too hot will make a stringy, melty cheese.

To test if the rice si ready, grab a grain in your hand and press your finger on it. If you see 3 white spots, the rice is ready. Fewer spots mean it still needs cooking. No spots, indicate over-cooking.


Like I have a long night of laundry to do

Full - Too bad I made soup!

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